Application with foreign university entrance certificate or IB-Diploma (International Baccalaureate Diploma)


Applicants that hold a foreign university entrance certificate or an IB-Diploma (so-called Bildungsausländer) require a letter of admission from the registrar’s office.

Those who wish to start studies in a Bachelor, State Examination or Ph.D. program, please apply in 3 steps (also in case you need an aptitude test at a "Studienkolleg" - preparatory college):

  1. Fill in the online application form
  2. Print out the PDF document, fill out and sign the admission form
  3. Hand in the following:


by mail (with authenticated copies of the certificates!) or in person
at the appropriate authority (Augsburg University or uni-assist, please see "Online Application" at the end of this page).

For more information please see our information sheet

The application for admission needs to be duly received by the appropiate authority by July 15 at the latest (when applying for the following winter semester) or by January 15 at the latest (summer semester). 
This is a DEADLINE for degree programs with NC (Numerus Clausus) and/or with EFV (English aptitude test)  – see programs.

Application for degree programs without NC and without EFV (English aptitude test) can be submitted by the end of Sept./March, if proof of a recognized German language exam can be provided until then.

For undergraduate programs involving the study of English Language and Literature, an entrance examination must be passed, e.g. Teacher Training in English (teacher training for Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium) or English and American Studies (Bachelor of Arts, major and minor) as well as Applied Intercultural Linguistics (Anwendungsorientierte Interkulturelle Sprachwissenschaft – ANIS) – Bachelor of Arts. Please to apply for this test beside the official application. Both applications have to be done until July/January 15 at the latest: .

Please note:

  • Information on the available programs and courses at the University of Augsburg

    Please inform yourself about required aptitude tests etc. and contents of the courses by clicking on the respective program, so that you can choose the right program and can apply for required tests on time.

    A lot of the programs have limited admission (Numerus Clausus – NC). In this case the application deadline needs to be met in any condition. Furthermore, you are required to provide proof of a recognized German language exam. In programs with limited admission, average grades of the applicants are considered. Due to this, please provide us with a complete set of documents. If you do not have an official average grade, a subject/course and grade overview is required.
  • The Student Counseling Service is happy to provide information to you about the University of Augsburg and its programs, as well as counselling you about your choice of program.
  • Further information on
    - university fees
    - visa/residence permit issues
    - scholarships
    - health insurance
    - living/accommodation
    can be found on the page of the International Office.

Online Application

Other applications

Please use uni-assist for all other applications.



  • Repeated applications

    If you have already got a letter of admission from Augsburg University, you can apply directly on our homepage.

    Please note that your application can only be accepted if you attach a copy of our newest letter and if you have provided a proof of German language skills on level DSH-1.

    For NC-programs level DSH-2 is required before deadline.