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FIM students at Postbank Finance Award 2012

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Women and Career

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For the second time in a row FIM is strengthening its position at the cutting edge more...

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"DZ Bank Karrierepreis" - FIM students were succesfull

The "DZ Bank Karrierepreis", one of the highest paying awards of the German economy, was awarded to former and current FIM students..
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Dr. Julia Heidemann is "Junior Scientist of the year"

Dr. Julia Heidemann, former student of the first class of FIM, received the award of "Junior Scientist of the year 2009" given by "" and the magazine "Forschung und Lehre".
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Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Buhl is "Professor of the year"

The magazine "Unicum Beruf" honored Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Buhl with the title "Professor of the year 2009" in the category "economics/law".
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Master in Finance and Information Management (FIM) – Elite Graduate Program

Together, professors of the University Augsburg (UA) and the Technical University Munich (TUM) have established a top-notch BILINGUAL graduate program in finance and information management (FIM) for the leaders of tomorrow. Being part of and supported by the Elite Network of Bavaria, FIM offers an exceptional academic preparation, a cooperative and congenial student culture, access to a thriving business community, and well-developed support services for academic and career advancements. By the time FIM students graduate, they have undergone a significant personal and professional development preparing them for the future success in career and life.

Click on the statements below for a more detailed overview.

FIM is unique

  • One of the first Elite Graduate Programs within the Elite Network of Bavaria
  • Unique master of Finance and Information Management (M.Sc. with honors)
  • Participating universities: University Augsburg (UA) and the Technical University Munich (TUM)
  • High-level support from premium business partners like Allianz Global Investors, IBM, Deutsche Bank etc.
  • Cooperation with highly-reputable universities and internationally-renowned scientists

FIM is individual

  • World-class teaching, small classes (in mandatory courses approximately 30 students, even fewer in elective courses) and demanding state-of-the-art courses ensure an exceptional academic education
  • Individual mentoring by highly esteemed scientists and of selected students – by managers of prominent business partners
  • Courses and majors in the elite program are individually chosen upon each students’ individual preferences, needs and objectives

FIM is international

  • High-ranked international academic partners (e.g. Toronto, Reading, Calgary and Madrid) provide opportunities to be engaged in top-notch research-projects
  • Global business partners offer international internships and career-opportunities
  • Internationally reputed colleagues from renowned universities engage in FIM
  • Bilingual studies (English and German) develop language competencies
  • Students receive an internationally accepted and highly-esteemed degree (M. Sc. with honors) in Finance and Information Management

FIM is focused

  • The Master in Finance and Information Management concentrates on innovative and promising areas in both business and science: finance and financial management, business sciences, mathematics, computer science, business and information systems engineering, (industrial) engineering and related disciplines
  • Innovative educational concepts guarantee an intensive methodological education and its applicability in business and research
  • Students can select a major and a range of elective courses within the following areas: Financial Management, Business & Information Systems Engineering, Operations Management, Quantitative Finance and Resource Management

FIM is diverse

  • Interdisciplinary competences and leadership skills are developed and extended by summer schools, soft skill courses, joint projects with business partners and an obligatory social project as part of the curriculum
  • International lecturers, bilingual courses and international stays are offered
  • Our students come from different universities, countries and academic backgrounds

FIM is successful

The following are the most important cornerstones in the history of the Elite Graduate Program “Finance- & Information Management” of the Elite Network of Bavaria:

2010 FIM Students win prestigious academic award the “DZ Bank career prize”. Cornelia Ernst – part of the FIM class of 2006 is awarded the main prize of the “DZ Bank career prize” for her master thesis “The most reliable approach to measure Value-at-Risk adjusted for market liquidity”. Her thesis was supervised by Prof. Christoph Kaserer from the Department of Financial Management and Capital Markets from TU Munich.
The students German Bernhart, Michael Neugebauer and Michael Neumann from the FIM class of 2008 are awarded the “DZ Bank career prize” for their bachelor's thesis “Asset Correlations in Turbulent Markets.” The thesis was supervised by Prof. Rudi Zagst from TU Munich as well as risklab GmbH at Allianz Global Investors.
The DZ Bank career prize is one of the most prestigious academic awards for students in the field of finance.
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Dr. Julia Heidemann – part of the FIM class of 2004 is honored as “ Young Researcher of the Year 2009 ” among academics of all fields and in all German speaking countries. The price was awarded by, the online career platform of the newspaper DIE ZEIT and the magazine Forschung & Lehre (Research & Education).
2009 Professor Buhl (chairman of the Board) wins the award “ Professor of the year 2009 ” by the magazine “Unicum Beruf” in the category “Economic Sciences/Law”. He was honored for his commitment to a hands-on approach to the education of his students.
First place in the Master Ranking for Business Administration which was carried out by the Center for Development of Universities (CHE) in cooperation with the newspapers DIE ZEIT and HANDELSBLATT.
FIM was ranked 1 st among the top universities in all of the five most important criteria: “Practice relevance”, “importance of research”, “Courses offered”, “Transition to the Master´s program”, “Overall ranking”.
2007 Professor Zagst (vice chairman of the Board) wins the award “ Professor of the year 2007 ” in the field “Natural Sciences and Medicine”. The price was assigned by the student magazine “Unicum Beruf”. He was honored for his commitment to a hands-on education, especially for the FIM students.
2004 Sponsoring among others by renowned partners like IBM, AllianzGlobal Investors, A.T. Kearney, Bayerische Landesbank, Deutsche Bank, Radeberger Gruppe, Telefonica O2 Germany, UPM Kymmene.
The financial and time commitment of these public-private-partnerships is unique among comparable Master programs.
Successful integration into the Elite Network of Bavaria (ENB) as one of the first 10 elite study programs after a highly competitive application process. FIM was chosen from among 300 application outlines in a first and from more than 100 applicants in the second stage.