Mamillius playing with toy sheep, Leontes, Hermione, Polixenes © AnglistenTheater
Mamillius and the court ladies © AnglistenTheater
Cleomenes and Dion returning from the oracle at Delphi © AnglistenTheater
Hermione swoons © AnglistenTheater
Clown, Autolycus © AnglistenTheater
Camillo, Polixenes in disguise © AnglistenTheater
The Shepherd © AnglistenTheater
Autolycus among shepherdesses and shepherds; in the back: Florizel and Perdita © AnglistenTheater
Leontes admiring the "statue" of Hermione © AnglistenTheater
Leontes embraces Hermione © AnglistenTheater
The daughter found again: Hermione, Leontes, Perdita © AnglistenTheater
Celebration © AnglistenTheater

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