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What's new?


We are delighted to inform you that in December the AnglistenTheater will perform
a contemporary version of Sophocles' tragedy Electra
by award-winning playwright Nick Payne.


Here is more information on Electra, Nick Payne, and the AnglistenTheater production in our Pressemitteilung (German).

The two last performances will be held on Tue 10 and Thur 12 December, at 8 p.m., in Hörsaal II. If you would like to know what Milena Kolzem of eMag magazine thought of this production, here is her review.


Tickets for 7 € / 5 € (concessions) will be on sale from Monday 25 November at Taschenbuchladen Krüger (near Kö), or can now be ordered online following this link.



© Universität Augsburg
© Universität Augsburg

This is Andreas Böhm’s poster for Electra.


The motif was inspired by the scene in which Orestes reveals himself to Electra by emptying the urn which allegedly contains his own ashes, but which is actually filled with stones. At this point Electra realizes that her brother is not dead, but has come back to take his revenge on his mother Clytemnestra and her partner Aegistus for killing his father Agamemnon upon his return from the Trojan War.


Electra on Stage

Makeup and hairstyle © Universität Augsburg
Chorus, Orestes, Strophius © Universität Augsburg
Electra, chorus © Universität Augsburg
Chrysothemis, Electra © Universität Augsburg
Clytemnestra, Electra © Universität Augsburg
Chorus, Electra, after the killing of Clytemnestra © Universität Augsburg

A new AnglistenTheater Icon

Design: Julia Wittmann © Universität Augsburg



Julia Wittmann ...

... has created a magnificent new Icon for the AnglistenTheater – although it’s in fact ages since we last produced one of Shakespeare’s plays: to be precise, this was Macbeth back in 1990 (see History of the AnglistenTheater).


We are still working ...

... on ways to make this icon available on T-shirts and, perhaps, mugs, at a reasonable price.


So perhaps in 2020 ...

... when we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we’ll be able to tell you how to get hold of these.





Interested in joining us?

We always welcome new members, whether they would like to be on stage as actresses and actors, or rather join our team of creatives or the backstage and front of house crew.      

  • For the winter production, Nick Payne’s Electra ...
    ... we are still looking     for skilled and enthusiastic volunteers to join our set construction and backstage crew and our front of house team.
  • If you would like to get involved in our summer 2020 production ...
    ... you should keep an eye on this website for the date of our initial meeting, which will probably be held on Tuesday 21 January 2020, at 7:15 p.m., in 2127A (D building). 

If you would like to know more about this, do mail us at

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