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Our plans for winter 2023/24

© Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater


Join in and have fun!


Here are Akin and Dilan inviting you (or any of your friends) to join our winter production -- either on stage as an actress or actor, or as a member of our  team of creatives. We are always looking for people helping with makeup, costumes, sound, publicity, or set design, and we specifically welcome new members from all parts of the world.


And here are some photographs of our latest production -- Ellen McLaughlin's play The Trojan Women, staged between June 29th and July 6th at Hörsaal II of the University.

Greek soldiers © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
chorus of Trojan women: "I dream of a city" © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Cassandra © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Hecuba and Helen: the confrontation © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Helena defiled © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Andromache, Astyanax, Hecuba © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Astyanax carried off by one of the Greek soldiers © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Astyanax dead © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
backstage © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
backstage © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
music and prompt © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
light and sound © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater

Good-bye Andreas, welcome Julia

Winter 2019: Nick Payne, Electra © Andreas Böhm, AnglistenTheater

After five years and six posters, Andreas Böhm is leaving the AnglistenTheater to devote more time to his studies and his family. Over the years, Andreas created those striking and inspiring posters for the AnglistenTheater 2018 - 2022 productions, one of which you see on the left; you can admire the others here.

Andreas, thank you very much for your contribution -- we wish you all the best for the future!


Andreas' successor will be Julia Wittmann, who is an amazing PopArt Artist in her own right. Her poster for The Trojan Women is shown above. Some of Julia's artwork can be viewed at https://www.instagram.com/concierge_of_art/. Earlier this year, Julia's work was shown at the Kultwork gallery in Nördlingen.


Interested in joining us?

We always welcome new members, whether they would like to be on stage as actresses and actors, or rather join our team of creatives or the backstage and front of house crew.     

If you would like to know more about this, do mail us at   anglistentheater@philhist.uni-augsburg.de

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