FAI Phd and Post-doc Retreat Sion

Imagine spending an entire week immersed in the breathtaking surroundings of Sion, Switzerland, at our prestigious annual retreat. Hosted at the charming "Maison Blanche" and "Le Coq" houses, this retreat offers a unique opportunity for doctoral students to connect, collaborate, and cultivate their research passions.
The aim of the PhD retreat is, on the one hand, to get to know the doctoral students of the faculty and, on the other hand, to exchange scientific ideas with each other and to discuss their own research in a targeted manner.
The main purposes of the retreat are:


  • networking and getting to know what the other chairs are doing, and to
  • vastly discuss your PhD / Post-Doctoral work with others,
  • strengthening skills in the field of scientific work,
  • develop soft skills,
  • and to promote individual career planning.

The retreat is YOUR chance at focusing on your research for a whole week in the company of likeminded colleagues, reflecting on scientific endeavors and ways of dealing with hurdles. You will be discussing your scientific approach with researchers from a variety of disciplines representing the diversity within the faculty. Two professors will be accompanying you from the computer science and the geography perspective, respectively.
In 2024, Prof. Zaunseder and Prof. Timpf joined the Retreat to offer their insights, aids and experiences.
In addition to the workshop phases, there are also joint day and evening programs, which led to a constant exchange of ideas. This enables solutions to be found to both general problems and subject-specific challenges.

Last two years participants were enthusiastic about the lessons learnt in Sion and they are still meeting for lunch or evening activities, emphasizing the social side of the Sion experience.