Dr. Ömer Sümer

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Lehrstuhl für Menschzentrierte Künstliche Intelligenz
Telefon: +49 821 598 2346
E-Mail: oemer.suemer@informatik.uni-augsburg.de
Raum: 2039 (N)
Sprechzeiten: Nach Vereinbarung
Adresse: Universitätsstraße 6a, 86159 Augsburg

Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence in Education, Learning Analytics
  • Affective Computing, Deep Learning & Computer Vision
  • Nonverbal Behavior Analysis (Pose, Gestures, Facial Expressions, and Speech)



Open Research Projects and Thesis

My research is on artificial intelligence in education, learning analytics, affective computing. I am particularly interested in nonverbal behavior analysis (pose, gesture, facial expressions, and speech). If you are interested in any of the topics listed below as your research project or Bachelor/Master thesis, contact me with your educational background. As long as they overlap with my research background and current interests, I am also happy to receive your topic suggestions.


  • Human Activity Recognition using Graph Convolutional Networks
  • Modelling Spatiotemporal Trajectories of Human Behaviors: Deep Generative Models of Human Pose and Gestures 
  • Continual Learning with Deep Neural Networks: Personalization of Affective Computing Models