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José Franco-Chasán was born in València (Spain) in 1994. He holds a degree in law (2012-2016) and a master degree in law (2017-2018), both obtained in the University of València. In the academic year 2013/2014 he served as elected student representative in the Constitutional Law Department and he has co-directed the University Forum on Social Analysis (2013-2015). He has been the website editor of the European Journal of Legal History – Glossae from 2013 to 2016. He enrolled in judicial studies for a year (2016-2017). Since 15.10.2018 he is a "wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter" and PhD-student at the chair of Prof. Dr. Phillip Hellwege.


I. Book Reviews

  • The Western Codification of Criminal Law. A Revision of the Myth of Its Predominant French Influence, (2018) GLOSSAE. European Journal of Legal History 274-277. 
  • No juzguéis - Luigi Lacchè, (2015) GLOSSAE. European Journal of Legal History 1006-  1007.   
  • Western Legal Traditions Casebook, (2013) GLOSSAE. European Journal of Legal History 643.

II. Articles published in Spanish newspapers

  • Hacia un nuevo constitucionalismo, Las Provincias, 13.8.2017.
  • La crisis de la educación y la muerte de Occidente, Las Provincias (Tribune), 23.10.2016.
  • Nuevas tecnologías, misma mentalidad, Las Provincias, 17.8.2014​.
  • Esclavitud perenne, Las Provincias (Tribune), 4.5.2014​.
  • ​Relatividad e incertidumbre, Las Provincias, 19.1.2014.

Conference Papers

  • A Silenced Theory: Spinoza’s Contribution Behind Weimar Moments, Conference: Weimar Moments. Constitutionalising Mass Democracy in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Beyond, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 15.11.2019.
  • Citizenship and Nation: A Review as to their Effectiveness, XXVth Forum of the Association for Young Legal Historians (AYLH), Brussels, 5.-8.6.2019.
  • Code and Especial Laws in Civil Law and Criminal Law: The Spanish Case, Conference GERN Interlabo: The influence of the 1810 French Penal Code on Penal Codification in 19th Century Europe: Myth or reality?, València, 20.6.2019.
  • Social Defence in Spain: the influences of Pedro Dorado Montero, Conference GERN 2020-2021: The birth of penal positivism in Europe and Latin-America: rise and resistances, València, 21.6.2019. 
  • La recepción de la Escuela de la Defensa Social en España: Pedro Dorado Montero, Conference: La Codificación penal española decimonónica: Tradición e influencias extranjeras en la Parte Especial, València, 27.-28.9.2018.

International Research Stays

  • Moral Foundations of Law – Seminars, University of Princeton - Witherspoon Institute, Princeton (United States), 21.-27.7.2019.
  • Fellowship Henri Rieben, Fondation Jean Monnet pour l'Europe, Lausanne (Switzerland), 8.5.-4.6.2019.