Dear students,


clinical reasoning is an important ability you will acquire during medical school and your professional life. Within the international project DID-ACT we are developing a European curriculum for clinical reasoning to give students training opportunities as early as possible.


For this we need your feedback! We would like to ask you to evaluate two introductory learning modules on clinical reasoning. Your feedback will help us to further improve the modules and you will have the opportunity to gain an insight into the basics of clinical reasoning and how the different health professions collaborate in this process. The language of the learning modules will be in English and held via zoom. All collected data  will be analyzed anonymously and will not allow any conclusions on your person.


All participants will receive a 20€ voucher from Amazon upon completion of the study!


The outline of the study is as follows:


(1) You will receive an email with all information about the process one week prior to the first online meeting and will be asked to complete a short online test.

(2) The first meeting will take place online via zoom. In this meeting we will work together on the basics principles of clinical reasoning.

(3) After this meeting you will have two weeks for structured individual online learning (about 90 mins required), to review what you have learned so far and to prepare for the second meeting.

(4) The second meeting will also take place online via zoom and will focus on the different health professions in clinical reasoning. At the end of this meeting you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire.

(5) About 4 weeks after the second meeting you will be asked to complete a final assignment.


There are 2 different dates to choose from, please register for one of the pairs of dates, using the form below.

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