Preprints am Institut für Mathematik im Jahr 2017

Thermo-optical interactions in a dye-microcavity photon Bose-Einstein condensate

Hadiseh Alaeian, Mira Schedensack, Clara Bartels, Daniel Peterseim, Martin Weitz

Contact orderability up to conjugation

Kai Cieliebak, Yakov Eliashberg, Leonid Polterovich

Numerical Homogenization of Heterogeneous Fractional Laplacians

Donald L. Brown, Joscha Gedicke, Daniel Peterseim

An Immersed Boundary Method for Detail-Preserving Soft Tissue Simulation from Medical Images

Christoph Paulus, Roland Maier, Daniel Peterseim, Stéphane Cotin

Random initial conditions for semi-linear PDEs

Dirk Blömker, Giuseppe Cannizzaro, Marco Romito

Invariance pressure for control systems

F. Colonius, A.J. Santana, J.A.N. Cossich

Modulation equation and SPDEs on unbounded domains

Luigi Amedeo Bianchi, Dirk Blömker, Guido Schneider

A strongly convergent numerical scheme from EnKF continuum analysis

Dirk Blömker, Claudia Schillings, Philipp Wacker

On almost sure rates of convergence for sample average approximations

Dirk Banholzer, Jörg Fliege, Ralf Werner

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