Post-Docs and PhD Students (Prof. Harks)

Current PhD-Students


  1. Michael Markl, Augsburg University, 3/2022-
  2. Julian Schwarz, Augsburg University, 10/2021-
  3. Mona Henle, Augsburg University, 12/2017-
  4. Lukas Graf, Augsburg University, 04/2017-

Former PhD-Students

  1. Cost Sharing, Capacity Investment and Pricing in Networks
    Anja Schedel, Augsburg University, 2020
    • Dissertation price 2021 of the Society Freunde der Universität Augsburg
  2. Uniqueness and Computation of Equilibria in Resource Allocation Games
    Veerle Timmermans, Maastricht University, 2019
  3. Designing Mechanisms for Good Equilibria
    Philipp von Falkenhausen, Technical University Berlin, 2014
    • GOR Dissertation price 2015 of the German Society of Operations Research
  4. Competition for Resources - The Equilibrium Existence Problem in Congestion Games
    Max Klimm, Technical University Berlin, 2012
    • TSL Dissertation price 2013 of the INFORMS Society for Transportation Science and Logistics
    • GOR Dissertation price 2013 of the German Society of Operations Research
    • VBKI-Science price of Berlin merchandizers 2013