PhD Students (Prof. Harks)

Current PhD-Students

  1. Georg Kraus, Augsburg University, 2/2020-
  2. Mona Henle, Augsburg University, 12/2017-
  3. Lukas Graf, Augsburg University, 04/2017-
  4. Anja Schedel Augsburg University, 03/2016-
  5. Manuel Surek, Augsburg University, 10/2015-
  6. Vincent Kreuzen, Maastricht University, 10/2012-

Former PhD-Students

  1. Uniqueness and Computation of Equilibria in Resource Allocation Games
    Veerle Timmermans, Maastricht University, 2019
  2. Designing Mechanisms for Good Equilibria
    Philipp von Falkenhausen, Technical University Berlin, 2014
    • GOR Dissertation price 2015 of the German Society of Operations Research
  3. Competition for Resources - The Equilibrium Existence Problem in Congestion Games
    Max Klimm, Technical University Berlin, 2012
    • TSL Dissertation price 2013 of the INFORMS Society for Transportation Science and Logistics
    • GOR Dissertation price 2013 of the German Society of Operations Research
    • VBKI-Science price of Berlin merchandizers 2013