RLD / Revista de Llengua i Dret

Peter A. Kraus: "Between Minority Protection and Linguistic Sovereignty", in: Revista de Llengua i Dret / Journal of Language and Law 69, June 2018, 6-17.

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Twenty-five years after the Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, it is imperative to thoroughly reassess the status of language groups against the background of, first, the massive changes that have taken place in the framework of European politics since 1992 and, second, the normative deficits of approaches that may well have been designed with good intentions, yet end up reproducing entrenched structures of domination and subalternity. On the side of European politics, one can hardly say that recent developments bear witness to the emergence of a post-national order. In an environment characterized by the growing impact of identity politics played out by and for majorities, the generosity European governments were formerly willing to express towards minority concerns – however rhetorical it may have ultimately been – has nowadays become an exceptional phenomenon. [...]


Autonomy; Catalonia; Committee of the Regions; Council of Europe; equal dignity; European Charter;
European Union; majority/majorities; minority/minorities; minority politics; minority protection; nation-state;
recognition/unequal recognition; sovereignty.