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Vorlesungsreihe am Institut für Sozialwissenschaften im WS 2019/20
jeweils mittwochs, 18:00 bis 19:30 Uhr


Start am 13.11.2019   
Raum 2106 (D)

Pablo Ouziel (Victoria, BC):

Democracy Here and Now:
The exemplary case of Spain



In 1972, Michel Foucault reminded us of the fact that people know what they want, why they want it, and are perfectly capable of speaking with their own voice. Yet, in 2013, the more I read about 15M (the movement of the indignados in Spain) in popular media, it became clear that many cartographers were mapping 15M’s field of activity without attending to 15M’s own voices. While 15M was being presented as an example of civil citizenship interspersed with acts of civil disobedience, 15M was describing and enacting something different. Puzzled by this, I began a trip around Spain which lasted for 9 months, in which I was seeking to engage 15M in a different manner. I did this by practicing the kind of public philosophy that studies practices of civic engagement by means of ‘dialogues of reciprocal elucidation.’ This was my effort to study 15M, the phenomenon, as an empirical social scientist without disqualifying it in the process. What I discovered, was that 15M showed civic and civil citizens practicing participatory democracy and joining hands. With their examples of civic activities and exemplars of civic citizenship, individuals being 15M were contesting while simultaneously constructing alternatives. Disclosing the field of 15M in this manner, crystalized 15M as a political phenomenon in its own right that is overlooked by state-centric framings.