„We stand for diversity, inclusion, anti-oppressive practice, and equity“

Der Studien- und Forschungsbereich Musiktherapie schließt sich dem Antidiskriminierungs-Commitment der International Association for Music and Medicine (www.iammonline.com) an:

„The International Association for Music & Medicine values respect and collaboration amongst all peoples of the world. We stand for diversity, inclusion, anti-oppressive practice, and equity. We mourn alongside the loved ones of those who have lost their lives as a result of racist acts and hate crimes.

[…] While we realize that this is a tiny step towards the self-awareness and awareness of others that contributes to respectful cooperation and peaceful relationships, IAMM wishes to establish a model of openness and compassion in our work together. As we strengthen our connections through a shared mission of integrating music, medicine, and health, it is my hope that our organization may serve as a model for open dialogue and cultural humility, as well as the more challenging work of voicing our differences and listening actively to each other, while celebrating our uniqueness.

IAMM calls upon our community to join together against discrimination and oppression by examining our own hidden biases and speaking up when we see injustice and unfair treatment of others. Now, more than ever, the world needs the connective tissue that is music, and we hope that you will help us create a future with music and harmony at its core.”