Martin Nerlinger M.Sc.

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Prof. Dr. Marco Wilkens: Finanz- und Bankwirtschaft
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Adresse: Universitätsstraße 16, 86159 Augsburg


Research area

Climate Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing


Short biography

  • Since 2016: Research associate and doctoral candidate, Chair of Finance and Banking, University of Augsburg
  • 2016: Master of Science in Business Administration, University of Augsburg, with the thesis: "Quantifying Carbon Risks from Stock Returns using Multi Factor Models"
  • 2014-2016: Studies of Business Administration, University of Augsburg; Majors: Finance, Banking and Statistics
  • 2014: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Augsburg, Thesis: “Sovereign Wealth Funds – Structure, Performance and Risk of Sovereign Wealth Funds on the example of the Government Pension Fund of Norway”
  • 2014: Bachelor of Science in Economics, University of Augsburg, Thesis: " Determinants of the entrepreneurial Liquidity Management using various Capital Structure Theories - a comparative Literature Analysis"
  • 2011-2014: Studies of Business Administration and Economics, University of Augsburg, Majors: Finance and Banking, Economics and Information

Working Papers

  • Will the DAX 50 ESG establish the standard for German sustainable investments? A sustainability and financial performance analysis.
    Working Paper, 2020.

  • Get green or die trying? Carbon risk integration into portfolio management.
    Working Paper, 2020 (with Andrea Jacob and Maximilian Görgen).

  • Enhancing the accuracy of firm valuation with multiples using carbon emissions.
    Working Paper, 2020.

  • You never know the value of water before the well runs dry - The impact of Sustainable Development Goals on firm value.
    Working Paper, 2020 (with Marco Wilkens).

  • Carbon Risk. 
    Working Paper, 2020 (with Maximilian Görgen, Andrea Jacob, Ryan Riordan, Martin Rohleder and Marco Wilkens)
    Winner of the Best Paper Award of the Southwestern Finance Association Conference 2018.
    Winner of the Highest Impact Award of the Green Summit 2017 in Liechtenstein.
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Martin Nerlinger
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Martin Nerlinger, Marco Wilkens and Jonas Zink
Carbon footprints sind nicht gleich Carbon-Risiken

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Marco Wilkens, Maximilian Görgen, Andrea Jacob, Martin Nerlinger, Bernd Wagner, Henrik Ohlsen and Sven Remer
Carbon Risiken und Financed Emissions von Finanztiteln und Portfolios: Quantifizierung, Management und Reporting auf der Basis von Kapitalmarktdaten; Carima Handbuch 2019

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Conference invitations

  • 2019: Northern Finance Association Annual Meeting 2019, Vancouver, Canada, September 13-15, 2019, 2019 FMA European Conference in Glasgow, Schottland, June 12 - 14, 2019, 2019 American Economic Association Meetings, Atlanta, Georgia, January 04-06, 2019.
  • 2018: Southwestern Finance Association Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, March 07-10, 2018, Midwest Finance Association 2018 Annual Meeting, San Antonio, USA, March 01-03, 2018, Eastern Finance Association 2018 Annual Meetings, Philadelphia, USA, April 11-14, 2018, 45th European Finance Association Annual Meeting, Warsaw, Poland, August 22-25, 2018, NAMA 2018, Augsburg, Germany, October 04-05, 2018.
  • 2017: GOR AG FIFI Workshop 2017, Magdeburg, March 29-30, 2017, Green Summit University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz, May 23, 2017, Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Finanzwirtschaft (DGF) 2017, Ulm University, Germany, October 06-07, 2017, Vietnam Symposium in Banking and Finance 2017, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, October 26-28, 2017, IFABS Asia 2017 Ningbo China Conference, Ningbo, China, August 31 - September 02, 2017, Workshop Central Banking and Green Finance 2017, Amsterdam, November 28-29, 2017.