Doktorandenstellen Saarland 2009

PhD positions in Theoretical Biophysics / Computational Physics are offered by the junior research group Theoretical & Computational Membrane Biology in Saarbrücken, Germany.
Possible PhD projects include

* the investigation of protein-lipid interactions on the atomic scale, using the method of molecular dynamics simulations,
* the prediction of the action of drugs and peptides on membranes and membrane proteins (e.g. of anesthetics),
* the study of pore formation in membranes by external electric fields (e.g. electroporation),
* the modeling of membrane fusion, and
* the in silico study of phase transitions in biological membranes and their role in the function of membrane proteins.

Work of the group for Theoretical & Computational Membrane Biology is focused on the prediction of structure, function and (nano)dynamics of membranes and proteins. Our main interest is directed towards the interplay of proteins (e.g. of ion channels) with the surrounding lipids and drugs in biological (cell) membranes. Addressed questions cover: How do peptides and proteins interact with the membrane? Can we predict fusion, budding, fission properties? How is transport along and through membranes achieved? Currently, the international group consists of five PhD students and several Master and Bachelor students.

Applicants should have successfully completed their Masters or Diploma degree preferably in physics or theoretical (bio)chemistry, be strongly motivated and team-oriented.
Experience in Molecular Modeling or structural biology is of advantage, however, applicants from other fields of research are most welcome. The PhD positions are funded according to the German TVöD scale (2/3 E13) or with a stipend (1,460 Euro/month). The positions are limited to three years.

The University of Saarbrücken strives to increase the percentage of female employees in the field of science and encourages applications from female candidates. Handicapped applicants are welcome.

Interested candidates should send their application letter + CV (including the names of one or two people who would be willing to send a letter of recommendation) by E-mail
(pdf) to:

rainer [at ]bioinformatik [dot] uni-saarland [dot ]de

Rainer Böckmann
Theoretical & Computational Membrane Biology
66041 Saarbrücken
Phone: ++49-(0)681/302-64169 (68627)

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