Covid-19: Please read our current information

Here we inform you about current changes and news. Answers to questions from students and employees can be found in our FAQs site.

Extension of the maximum duration of studies

March 25, 2020: Students can find on our FAQ page how the maximum duration of studies can be extended because of the corona measures taken.

Buildings are closed

March 24, 2020: Due to the current corona crisis, from Wednesday, March 25, 2020, all buildings of the university will be exclusively accessible to the university staff. From this date, the outer doors can only be opened with transponders or with keys.

Campus Card

March 24, 2020: Students can continue to use a campus card validated for the previous winter semester as a ticket on all regional and city transport lines (AVV regional bus, regional train - only 2nd class local trains), buses and trams of the Augsburger Verkehrsgesellschaft (avg) and Gersthofer Verkehrsgesellschaft (GVG) within tariff zones 10 and 20 until May 18, 2020.

Registration for the summer semester by post only

March 23, 2020: Enrollment at the University of Augsburg is now starting for the summer semester 2020. Due to the current situation, registration will not take place in person as usual, but by mail. Please find further information on how to enroll correctly for your degree program.

Exit restrictions in Bavaria

March 21, 2020: As of today, far-reaching initial restrictions apply throughout Bavaria. The principle applies: to work, to the doctor, to food shopping or to helping others. Everything else can and must wait. Sports and exercise in the fresh air are still possible, but in Bavaria only alone or with members of the household.

Employees as parents of children requiring care

March 19, 2020: Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for information on the current procedure.

Returnees from at-risk areas prohibited from entering the university campus

18th March 2020: Returnees from at-risk areas are prohibited from entering the university campus for 14 days after their return, according to a general ruling by the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care and Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art. This ban on campus access applies to people who have visited a region over the past 14 days that was listed as an at-risk area by the Robert Koch Institute during the time of the visit or was listed as an at-risk area within 14 days following the visit.

Suspension of the state examinations for teachers

18th March 2020: Due to current developments and the increasing spread of the Coronavirus, the first state examination for state school teaching during the spring 2020 examination period will be suspended with immediate effect. As of 19th March 2020, no further written, practical or oral examinations will be held.

Restricted opening hours for university facilities

17th March 2020: From 18th March 2020 onwards, the University of Augsburg will restrict the opening hours of all facilities to 7.30 am to 3.30 pm Mondays to Fridays. Access is primarily via the main doors. For more information visit our FAQ page.

CIP-Pools closed

March 16, 2020: From March 17, 2020, all CIP pools at the University of Augsburg - both in the computer center and in the faculties - will be closed. This should help to reduce social contacts on campus to a minimum.

Mensa, cafeterias and cafe bars

16 March 2020: From Tuesday, 17 March 2020, all mensa, cafeterias and cafe bars of the Studentenwerk Augsburg will be closed until Friday, 17 April 2020.

 Party traffic reduced

March 15, 2020: Due to current developments, the University of Augsburg wants to reduce personal contact and party traffic to a minimum. Students and prospective students should limit on-site visits to all areas of the university to a minimum and avoid them wherever possible.

Library closed

13 March 2020: The Bavarian Ministry of Science and Research has decided that, among other things, the university libraries in the Free State will be closed to the public from Saturday, 14 March 2020. As a precautionary measure, the measure will apply until April 20, 2020.
Teaching activities discontinued.

Teaching activities discontinued

March 10, 2020: On March 10, 2020, the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art announced that teaching in classroom form (e.g. in anticipation of or in preparation for the upcoming start of lectures in the summer semester 2020) at Bavarian universities is to be discontinued with immediate effect. Research operations and administration are to be maintained. We will provide further details here shortly.