Elite Graduate Programs at the University of Augsburg

Elitenetzwerk Bayern


The Elite Graduate Network of Bavaria, which has been initiated by the Bavarian Ministry of Science, Research and Art, is offering top level academic programs. It comprises a multitude of highly attractive programs for enthusiastic and motivated students. Special curricula and courses of varying scope have been designed for all Elite Graduate Programs. The Elite Graduate Programs are characterized by the following features: Only small numbers of students are admitted who receive intensive scientific assistance and support. All Elite Graduate Programs are designed as postgraduate courses. Applicants must hold a university intermediate examination or a Bachelor degree in a similar course of study.

Elite Graduate Programs at the University of Augsburg

[Ethik der Textkulturen] [Finance and Information Management] [Software Engineering] [Advanced Materials Science] [Global Change Ecology] [Historische Kunst- und Bilddiskurse] [TopMath] [Functional Advanced Materials]


"Ethics of textual cultures" is an innovative course of study combining literary studies and linguistics, cultural history, theology and philosophy. It is intended for highly committed students who are interested in ethical questions and are keen to go beyond defined course boundaries.

Target group:

Students of the humanities and social sciences


The program offers a course of study at the interface of finance and information management, which aims to create an intensive cross-linkage with entrepreneurial activities (e.g. Allianz Global Investors, IBM, O2 and Bayerische Landesbank) and at the same time motivate students to undertake research. This program not only offers a first rate standard which is ensured by internationally renowned lecturers but also provides excellent further education opportunities in the form of personal mentoring, soft skills seminars for managerial staff, interdisciplinary seminars as well as a variety of interesting events from other areas where students acquire social competencies and other relevant skills for life and job. What makes the program unique in Germany is that it is rounded off by studies and internships abroad.

Target group:

Economics (financial and business mathematics, business engineering, (applied) information technology, business information technology and similar courses


The elite graduate program "Software Engineering" offers students of information technology or similar subjects a state-of-the-art education in software engineering. It is characterised by great methodological depth and a high share of practice. The program comprises methods and techniques of software engineering such as software processes and modelling languages, databanks and distributed systems as well as formal methods and human computer interaction. The contents are geared to the current state of research. Besides receiving professional and personality training students can also improve their soft skills.

Target group:

Students of information technology, business information technology and mathematics


The elite course of study "Advanced Materials Science" is offered in cooperation with Technische Universität and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. The course of study is intended for students holding a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, physics and materials science and offers them a multi-faceted study program in the field of Advanced Materials.

Target group:

Students of chemistry, physics and materials science


The elite program "Global Change Ecology" deals with the most important and consequential environmental problems of the 21st century: the global climate change and the ecological communities (mass balance, bio diversity). The focus on natural sciences is completed and rounded off by social scientific modules. The gaol of the elite program is to qualify managerial staff for tasks in science, environmental protection, politics and economic counselling.

Target group:

Students of agricultural sciences, biology, forestry, geography, geoecology, hydrology, climatology, landscape ecology, meteorology, environmental information technology, environmental physics and related disciplines


The interdisciplinary international course of study „Historische Kunst- und Bilddiskurse“ teaches key competencies which enable students to analyse in a historical and critical manner the pictorial world of the past as represented by works of art as well as the modern ubiquity of pictorial expression by photography, film and the new media. For this purpose the course of study is building bridges between art history, classical archaeology, literary sciences and philosophy. The course is embedded in the “International network for art history” which sends guest lecturers to co-teach with professors of Augsburg university and which enables students to study at one of the participating partner universities abroad.

Target group:

Students of art history, classical archaeology, literary sciences, philosophy, media sciences


The elite program "TopMath" encourages the most talented and qualified students of mathematics in their third year to choose a relevant, topical research subject which they will study under the instruction of a supervisor (independent studies). As of their fourth year, they have the opportunity to start working on their doctoral degree, which shortens the time they study for their doctorate by 2 – 3 years.

Target group:


Functional Advanced Materials (FAME)

"Functional Advanced Materials (FAME)"

Target group:

Physics, chemistry, metallurgy, materials science, electrochemistry