Dr. Sebastian Purwins

Research assistant
Urbane Klimaresilienz
Phone: +49 821 598 3925
Email: sebastian.purwins@geo.uni-augsburg.de
Room: 1204 (I)
Address: Universitätsstraße 12a, 86159 Augsburg


  • Political Ecology and human-nature realtions
  • Critical Geography and Political Geography
  • Economic geography and regional development


Sebastian Purwins is a political ecologist researching the material and discursive aspects of environmental change and land use conflicts. His doctoral thesis deals with the conflict over planned bauxite mining in the Atewa Forest Reserve in Ghana. Other areas of focus include critical geography, postcolonial perspectives, environmental humanities as well as political and economic geography. 


In addition, he is involved in projects on regional development, in the context of sustainability and health, and on tourism, especially in the Bavarian Alpine region.





Read more about the PhD-Project: 

The politicization of nature