Maja Kalinic M.Sc.

Research Assistant
Applied Geoinformatics
Phone: +49 821 598 2755
Room: 2031 (B)
Address: Alter Postweg 118, 86159 Augsburg

Consultation by appointment

Curriculum Vitae



Since 10/17    Research Assistant at the University of Augsburg, Department for Applied Geoinformatics




10/15-10/17    International Master Course in Cartography, TU Munich, TU Vienna, TU Dresden and University of Twente

10/08-05/13    Bachelor of Science in Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Univeristy of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina


09/04-05/08    Gymnasium, Novi Grad, Bosnia and Herzegovina





11/16 – 05/17    Esri GmbH, Kranzberg, Germany, Student Assistentship


07/16 – 09/16    Esri GmbH, Kranzberg, Germany, Internship


07/14 – 01/15    Beak Consultants GmbH, Freiberg, Germany, Internship


11/12 – 06/14    Republic Administration for Geodetic and Propery Affairs, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, GIS Analyst


Research foci

  • Fuzzy Logic Theory
  • ANFIS  -     Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System  
  • Traffic Flow Theory
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Traffic Congestions
  • Floating Car Data

Courses / Teaching

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Advanced spatial analysis winter semester 2022/23 Seminar

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Kalinic, M and Krisp, J.M. (2019) Fuzzy inference approach in traffic congestion detection. Annals of GIS. Vol. 25(3). DOI: 10.1080/19475683.2019.1675760 

Kalinic, M and Krisp, J.M. (2019) Floating Car Data and Fuzzy Logic for clussifying congestion indexes in the city of Shanghai. ICC - 29th International Cartographic Conference, July 15-20, 2019. Tokyo, Japan. 


Röger, C. and Kalinic, M. (2019) Visualizing the Complexity of Crossings using Star-Plot Maps. ICC - 29th International Cartographic Conference, July 15-20, 2019.Tokyo, Japan.

Kalinic, M and Keler, A. (2019) Defining input parameters of Fuzzy Inference Model for detecting Traffic congestions. GISRUK  -  27th GIScience Research UK Conference, Newcastle University, April 23-26, 2019. Newcastle, UK.   




Kalinic, M., Wilkening, J. and Jahnke, M. (2018) Combining Scripting Languages and Desktop GIS for Spatial Data Science. GI Forum  -   Symposium and Exhibition for Applied Geoinformatics, July 3-6, 2018. Salzburg, Austria.  


Kalinic, M. and Krisp, J.M. (2018) Kernal Density Estimation (KDE) vs. Hot-Spot Analysis  - Detecting Criminal Hot Spots in the City of San Francisko. In: Mansourian, A., Pilesjö, P., Harrie, L., and von Lammeren, R. (Eds.), 2018. Geospatial Technologies for All: short paper, posters and poster abstracts of the 21st AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science. Lund University, June 12-15, 2018. Lund, Sweden.     


Kalinic, M. and Keler, A. (2018) Relating highwy traffic congestion events and crimes  - a case study in San Francisco. GISRUK -  26th GIScience Research UK Conference. University of Leicester, April 17-20, 2018. Leicester, UK





         Presentation at the scientific conference in Tokyo, Japan, July 15-20. „Floating Car Data and Fuzzy Logic for clussifying congestion indexes in                 the city of Shanghai.


         Presentation at the scientific conference in Newcastle, UK, April 23-26. „Defining input parameters of Fuzzy Inference Model for detecting Traffic             congestions.“




        Presentation at TUM, Munich, October 8th. „PhD after master studies and what I do for mine.“


        Presentation at Tongji University, Shanghai, China, September 25-30. „Fuzzy Inference Systems and their application“ & „using xFCD to detect                and predict traffic congestions“. 


        Poster presentation at the scientific conference in Salzburg, Austria, July 3-6. „Combining Scripting Languages with Desktop GIS for Spatial Data            Science“.


        Presentation at the scientific conference in Lund, Sweden, June 12-15. „Kernal Densitiy Estimation (KDE) vs. Hot-Spot Analysis  -   Detecting                    Criminal Hot Spots in the city of San Francisco.   


        Poster presentation at the scientific conference in Leicester, UK, April 17-20. „Relating highway traffic congestion events and crimes - a case study          in San Francisko.“




        Presentation at TUM, Munich, October 9-10. „A way to become Master of Science“.





        Presentation at GeoMeetUp (Geo-Developer Symposium), Munich, September 28. „Extending the possibilities of a Story Map Journal with an                  Index Map.“




         International Cartographic Association (ICA) Student Scholarship 


GISRUK Early Career Scholarship for Early Career Researcher




Promotion of Young Scientist, University of Augsburg


Women in Science Support, Univeristy of Augsburg


AGILE Commission Grant (Association of Geographic Information Labaratories in Europe)




Erasmus Mundus Scholarhsip, European Commission EACEA




Internship Program of German Business




Scholarship of the Serbian Ministry of Education for outstanding students