Curriculum Vitae


Geography diploma; minors: History, Political Sciences


July 1987 Ph.Sc.

Faculty for Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Univ. of Augsburg

Topic of doctor thesis:
Urban regeneration as an investment incentive - New effects of municipal investment on the transformation of historic residential areas


May 1994 Ph.Sc.habil.

Faculty for Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Univ. of Augsburg

Topic of the habilitation thesis:

On the inner development of cities - New concepts and processes for influencing urban quality in cities, socio-geographic aspects

Award of the habilitation thesis with the Förderpreis of the district of Schwaben 1995 for outstanding regional scientific work on suggestion of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Augsburg


Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Economic Geography of the University of Augsburg in November 2000

Research foci

  • Applied Social and Urban Geography
  • Postmodern urban development
  • Sustainable district development
  • City map for people with disabilities
  • Social Audit - Integration of people with disabilities in companies in the region of Bavarian Swabia
  • Integration of severely disabled people into the labor market
  • - Establishment of a regional support structure / regional management
    - Swabian companies create future together
    - Operational integration management

Teaching foci

  • Social Geography
  • Urban Geography
  • Ethno / cultural geography
  • Applied Social and Urban Geography
  • Implementation Research

Courses / Teaching

(applied filters: semester: current | institute: Institut für Geographie | lecturers: Karin Thieme | course types: all)
name semester type
Angewandte Stadtgeographie - Applied Urban Geography summer semester 2023 Seminar
Geländeübung I für Lehramtsstudierende summer semester 2023 Übung
Geographische Stadtforschung summer semester 2023 Hauptseminar
Kulturgeographie summer semester 2023 Hauptseminar
Kurs zur Vorbereitung des Staatsexamens (Humangeographie) summer semester 2023 Examenskurs
Geländeübung II für Lehramtsstudierende summer semester 2023 Übung



"Theorie meets Praxis" – das Augsburger Schwabencenter als Reallabor" (DKG Tübingen 2017: Fachsitzung LT2-FS19 – Städte als Reallabore (!?) – neue Forschungsansätze zu urbanen Transformationen)


recent publications

  • Thieme, K. (2019): Stadt als Erlebnis - Events und Inszenierung in der postmodernen Stadtentwicklung. Standort – Zeitschrift für Angewandte Geographie (DOI 10.1007/s00548-019-00600-6);
  • Thieme K., Middendorf S. (2017): Das Augsburger Schwabencenter - Urbanes Reallabor für einen Lebensraum im Wandel. In: Schmidt M. [Hrsg.]: Vielfalt und Veränderung – Aktuelle Beiträge der Augsburger Humangeographie (Geographica Augustana), Band 23, 21-28