Tillage erosion affects crop yields and carbon balance in hummocky landscapes  

Duration:   from 2019 to 2022

Funding institution: DFG    

Principal Investigator(s): Prof. Dr. Peter Fiener, Prof. Dr. Michael Sommer (ZALF)

Associate Researchers: Lena Katharina Öttl



Research topics: Tillage erosion, crop yields, soil organic carbon


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Fiener P., Wilken F., Aldana-Jague E., Deumlich D., Gómez J.A., Guzmán G., Hardy R.A., Quinton J.N., Sommer M., Van Oost K., Wexler R. (2018). Uncertainties in assessing tillage erosion – How appropriate are our measuring techniques? Geomorphology, 304, 214-225.

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