Tianhao Yan

PhD Candidate
Chair for Embedded Intelligence for Health Care and Wellbeing
Phone: n.Z
Email: tianhao.yan@informatik.uni-augsburg.de
Room: 312 (Standort "Alte Universität")
Address: Eichleitnerstraße 30, 86159 Augsburg


Tianhao Yan received his Bachelor of Automation from the Northeast Forestry University of Harbin, Heilongjiang in China in 2012. He subsequently enrolled in postgraduate and doctoral programmes in Control Science and Engineering at Harbin Engineering University in 2016.

During his Master’s degree, his work focused on machine learning for speech emotion recognition (SER) using algorithms including k-nearest neighbour (KNN) and support vector machine (SVM). As a PhD candidate, he has also investigated deep learning approaches in SER with the goal of identifying speech features that improve recognition accuracy. He has also worked on multimodal SER using text and facial expression data.

He is currently a visiting Ph.D student at the University of Augsburg under the guidance of Prof. Björn Schuller. His research interests include SER, affective computing and deep learning.