Connection to the Campus-Filesystem


Windows and macOS

For this two systems there is an german instruction to connect with the personal volumne at the Rechenzentrum. Members of the Institute of Mathematics should use the server:

instead of the server for the students


SMB-Opening with Samba (Linux, Unix, macOS and etc)

To connect from unix systems or derivatives with SMB there are different possiblities:

  • (File-)browser
  • Terminal: smbclient(1)
  • Mount via mount.cifs(8)

Example: Buidling a connection with the filebrowser from gnome:

  1. Start Files.
  2. Strg + l or alternative left click at „Other Places“ and then use the input with the caption „Connect with server“.
    • To connect with the personal volumne use smb:// für das persönliche.
    • // for the share of a group in a chair.
    • With smb:// all volumnes should be displayed and after this you can navigate to the desired volumne, is not possible with the terminal.
  3. To verify your authentification use:
    • username (RZ-Benutzerkennung)
    • domain ( )
    • password
  4. Now the contents of the volumne should be shown.
  5. If every thing with the volumne is done, the volumne should be disconnected.

To simplifie the usage, just initiate a bookmark. That should be possible by a right click on the connected volumne.


Use NFSv4 with Linux

To connect in Linux via NFSv4 the computer has to be in the university network.

Share volumnes for groups

Beside the pesonal voulmnes for the members, there are also some group shares. Each chair should at least have four differnet group shares:

  • chair-m the common gourp share where each member cn read and write.
  • chair-s for the secretary.
  • chair-d a special share, where a more detailed configuration of the access rights can be used. Please contact your DV-Betreuer before using this share.
  • chair-h useable for all member and for Hiwis. If you want to use this share contact the DV-Betreuer with the information which Hiwis should be able to use this share (RZ-Kennung of each Hiwi must be provided).

If you do not know which shortcut stands for your chair or who is in the relevant groups then also contact the DV-Betreuer.

Backup with Snapshots

If you lost some data from the CFs volumnes, you can use the automtic Backups that are incooperated in the CFS via snapshots. Each snapshot is represented by a folder with the date and the time when the snapshot was created.


  • In Windows the snapshots can be accessed via the explorer with a richt click then "Properties" and "Former Versions".
  • In Ubuntu the Snapshots are stored in a subfolder called .snapshots of the root folder in the volumne. This folder is hidden.
  • System independent way with FileZilla:
    1. Menue File select the server manager.
    2. Left down select „New server“.
    3. Fill the tab Generell with the following data:
      Protocoll sftp
      Type ask for password
      User RZ-Kennung
      Tab Advanced with:
      Local standard folder folder of the local storage
      Standard folder at server for personal volumne with RZ-Kennung musterman


      Standard folder for group share chair-m /cfs/share/math/chair/mitarbeiter/.snapshots
      To establish the connection use the Button connect.
    4. On the left side is the conten of the local folder, on the right the snapshots of the CFS-volumne.

Be aware:

  • The number of snapshots is limited and they will be deleted automatically after some time.
  • Everything that is included in a snapshot will be there as long as the snapshot exists.
  • After the restoration of an old version with Windows, it is not possible to return to the former version. So this feature should especially for folders only used with caution. Alternatively there is also the option to extract the contents of an old version to a different place.