PD Dr. Robert Altmann

Akademischer Rat
Computational Mathematics
Phone: +49 821 598-2184
Room: 3002 (L1)
Visiting hours: nach Vereinbarung
Address: Universitätsstraße 14, 86159 Augsburg


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Oberseminar zur Numerik summer semester 2021 Oberseminar
Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Wissenschaftliches Rechnen summer semester 2021 Arbeitsgemeinschaft
Numerik gewöhnlicher Differentialgleichungen summer semester 2021 Vorlesung

Awards and Prizes

  • Dr.-Klaus-Körper Prize of the GAMM 2016
  • 2. Place Tiburtius Prize of the Berlin Universities 2016
  • Member of the GAMM Juniors 2014-2016



Third-party funds

  • 2017 - 2018 EC Math, Project OT10: Model reduction for nonlinear parameter-dependent eigenvalue problems in photonic crystals
  • 2020 - 2023 DFG Project: Decoupled computational methods for nonlinear parabolic problems with dynamic boundary conditions
  • 2021 - 2024 DFG Project: Decoupling integration schemes of higher order for poroelastic networks



Short CV

04/07 - 01/11     Studies in mathematics, Humboldt University of Berlin
10/09 - 05/15   Member of the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS)
02/11 - 04/11   Visiting researcher, Ecole des Ponts Paris (ENPC)
05/11 - 09/17   Research assistant, Technical University Berlin
04/16 - 07/16   Scholarship holder of the DAAD, University of Innsbruck
seit 10/17   Akademischer Rat (Post-Doc), University of Augsburg



Selected Conference- and Workshop Contributions

11/14   Research in pairs, MFO in Oberwolfach
03/15     Organizer of a young researcher minisymposium, GAMM annual meeting in Lecce
08/15   Organizer of a minisymposium, ICIAM in Peking
09/15   Talk in a minisymposium, SciCADE in Potsdam
09/16   Invited talk, workshop "Modelling, model reduction, and optimization of flows" in Shanghai
09/17   Talk in a minisymposium, SciCADE in Bath
02/18   Research in pairs, MFO in Oberwolfach
04/18     Organizer of the GAMM workshop "Analysis and numerical approximation of constrained systems" in Sion
02/19     Organizer of a young researcher minisymposium, GAMM annual meeting in Vienna
03/19   Organizer of the GAMM workshop "Young academics workshop" in Sion
07/19   Talk in a minisymposium, ICIAM in Valencia
08/19   Research in pairs, CIRM in Luminy
03/20   Organizer of the GAMM workshop "Maxwell, Stokes, and Schrödinger" in Sion (cancelled)
09/20     Organizer of a minisymposium, DMV annual meeting in Chemnitz
03/21   Organizer of the GAMM workshop "Sion Digital", online


Submitted Preprints

[P1] R. Altmann and R. Maier. A decoupling and linearizing discretization for poroelasticity with nonlinear permeability. ArXiv Preprint 2104.10092, 2021.
[P2] R. Altmann and C. Zimmer. Singular perturbation results for linear partial differential-algebraic equations of hyperbolic type. ArXiv Preprint 2102.03177, 2021.
[P3] R. Altmann, P. Henning, and D. Peterseim. Localization and delocalization of ground states of Bose-Einstein condensates under disorder. ArXiv Preprint 2006.00773, 2020.



Journal Articles


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Book Chapter

[26] P. Betsch, R. Altmann, and Y. Yang. Numerical integration of underactuated mechanical systems subjected to mixed holonomic and servo constraints. In Multibody Dynamics: Computational Methods and Applications, Springer, Cham, pp. 1–18, 2016.
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