Bachelor thesis

Master thesis

  • External master thesis at Ariane-Group: process simulation

Description of master thesis: Master thesis Ariane-Group: process simulation
- Prof. Dietmar Koch, telephone: +49 821 59869-220, E-Mail:
- Dr.-Ing. Peter J. Hofbauer, telephone: +49 89 6000 25069, E-Mail:

PhD thesis

If you are interested to join our group as a doctoral student, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Koch.


Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Koch, room W3011 (MRM builidng), telephone: +49 172 - 2534514, E-Mail:

Research assistants

  • Participation on actual research topics and new developments

If you are interested in lab work, contact us to discuss the details.


Contact: Dr. Judith Moosburger-Will, room W3015 (MRM building), telephone: +49 821 598-69222, E-Mail: