Bachelor thesis



Master thesis

  • External master thesis at Ariane-Group: process simulation

Description of master thesis: Master thesis Ariane-Group: process simulation
- Prof. Dietmar Koch, telephone: +49 821 59869-220, E-Mail:
- Dr.-Ing. Peter J. Hofbauer, telephone: +49 89 6000 25069, E-Mail:



PhD thesis

  • Digital Materials

The chair Materials Engineering focuses on the processing, testing, and digital description of fiber reinforced ceramics (CMC). In particular, SiC/SiC materials (SiC fibers in SiC matrix) are of interest, since they show a low density and a high temperature and corrsosion stability. A basic understanding of the properties of the system fiber-coating-matrix in SiC/SiC matrices is desired.



Based on different experimental results (e.g., fracture mechanical tests) a material model is to be developped, which allows a simulation of the failure behavior of SiC/SiC on micro and meso scale. The model should enable predictions of suitable fiber coatings, CMC processing, and the influence of the conditions of use on material properties.


Possible research topics

•Simulation of the failure behavior of SiC/SiC under external mechanical, thermal, or chemical load

•Multi scale modelling by use of the Finite Elements Method

•Development of 3D structural models on the basis of microscopic analyses

•Integration of analytical descriptions, if possible



•Master degree in the fields of natural sciences or engineering

•Experience in the field of material simulation

•Knowledge in the field of simulation of material failure

•Knowledge in the field of CMC materials


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  • Life cycle assessment of the production of ceramic fiber composites to determine the ecological optimization potential

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  • Generative design methods and material development

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Research assistants

  • Participation on actual research topics and new developments

If you are interested in lab work, contact us to discuss the details.


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