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Sept. 30, 2019

Current courses

Information concerning current courses in summer term 2020, please see at the end of the page.

At the Chair of American Studies we cover American and Canadian literatures and cultures from their beginnings to the present day. We regard literature and other cultural forms (e.g. film or photography) as symbolic ways of representing and communicating culturally specific problem structures, that is, as media reflecting the complex expressions of characteristic self-images and external representations, value systems, material and ideological foundations as well as primary conflicts of a given society.


The aims of our American studies program are twofold. We promote academic skills and the acquisition of cultural knowledge, while encouraging our students’ ability of independent and critical thinking and the full development of our students’ creative potential. On the one hand, these aims entail the indispensable necessity of acquiring solid knowledge of American and Canadian literature, culture and history.  We expect students of American literature to acquaint themselves over the course of their studies with the most important developments of American literature and culture and to intensively engage with theoretical approaches of describing and interpreting literature. On the other hand, we encourage students to develop areas of specialization which can be chosen according to the students’ personal interests.


Despite of the national focus American and Canadian literatures and cultures are not to be viewed as homogeneous nor isolated. In fact, they correlate with other literatures and cultures, particularly with British and postcolonial literatures, in a vital, historically conveyed manner. Which is why basic knowledge of anglophone literatures of other countries, as taught at the Chair of English Literary Studies or the Chair of New English Literatures and Cultural Studies (NELK), is also beneficial to this study program.







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Current Courses

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name semester
Introduction to Literary Studies summer semester 2020
Imagining the West summer semester 2020
Narrative Analysis: Law and Literature summer semester 2020
Intro to Television Studies summer semester 2020
Puritanism summer semester 2020
Kolloquium / Vertretung Prof. Sarkowsky summer semester 2020
Literary Studies Tutorial A summer semester 2020
From Wilderness to Anthropocene: Ecocriticism and North American Environmental Writing summer semester 2020
Examenskolloquium Amerikanistik summer semester 2020
American Drama in the 20th Century summer semester 2020
Dystopian Visions of the Americas summer semester 2020
American FeminismS summer semester 2020
Introduction to Literary Studies: Supplementary Course (A) summer semester 2020
Literary Studies Tutorial B summer semester 2020
First Ladies summer semester 2020
Praktikumsmodul NAS summer semester 2020

Supervision of theses

You can contact the following teachers for questions concerning the supervision of theses.


  • Prof. Katja Sarkowsky ( free semester in summer 2020)
  • Dr. Stefanie Schäfer ( substitute teacher für Prof. Sarkowsky April 1, 2020 August 31, 2020  )
  • Dr. Ina Batzke
  • Dr. Linda Hess ( beginning April 1, 2020)

Guidelines for the preparation of final theses (currently in progress)