6th "Tag der Englischdidaktik" 17 July 2020 (TEFL Day)

6th „Tag der Englischdidaktik“ 17 July 2020 

Teaching Transhumanism


  Online via the Chair’s website


The 6th „Tag der Englischdidaktik“ will take place on Friday, 17 July 2020. The topic is "Teaching Transhumanism". Among other things, we will deal with the intersections between being human / physical / natural on the one hand and technology / artificiality / materiality on the other. Topics such as the future of the human being, artificial intelligence, life in the technological age or virtual worlds can be dealt with. These and other facets of post / transhumanism are addressed in visual fiction, novels, plays, short stories, movies, TV series, documentaries, songs, music videos, etc. and are (perhaps) suitable to be used in English lessons.



The conference will be opened by three impulse lectures (Triple Plenary Talks), which will highlight the framework topic of transhumanism from different academic perspectives. Prof. Dr. Engelbert Thaler will address the topic from the perspective of English didactics. Jun.-Prof. Dr. Roman Bartosch (University of Cologne) will approach the topic from a literary perspective and Prof. Dr. Klaus Bredl (University of Augsburg) will go deeper into transhumanism with its ideologies and dangers, using the current COVID-19 crisis as an example. 


Afterwards, the conference participants will be offered the opportunity to deal with different facets of the conference topic in depth and in particular with regard to practical implementation possibilities and best practice examples within the framework of a diverse range of workshops. Prof. Dr. Werner Delanoy, Dr. Stefanie Fuchs, StR i. K. Arthur Haberlach and Prof. Dr. Peter Hohwiller were invited as speakers.


Due to the current situation, however, the conference will unfortunately have to take place online. It will be made available asynchronously via Power Point presentations with audio comments on our Chair’s homepage from 17 July 2020 until 31 July 2020.



Prof. Dr. Engelbert Thaler &

Sarah Ott

Lehrstuhl für Didaktik des Englischen

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