America in Augsburg

For almost fifty years, from 1945 until 1998, the US Army was stationed in Augsburg. The US military moved into barracks built during the NS era and adopted them in the following years to the changing needs of the US Army. With a share of more than 10% of the city’s population, the US soldiers and their families (in peak times up to 30,000 persons) had a decisive influence on Augsburg’s economic and cultral development in the post-war period.


The project „America in Augsburg“ examines the diverse relationships between US military personnel and the local population. For example, the mutual perception in the private and public sector is of interest, but also what contacts and networks in the economic, social and cultural fields have been established and are being maintained even after the official end of the American military presence.

From March 15 until 17, 2012 a conference regarding „America and Augsburg“ took place. "Amerika in Augsburg: Aneignungen und globale Verflechtungen in einer Stadt"
From March 15 until April 28, 2012 there was an exhibition „American Life in Augburg“ in the Neue Stadtbuecherei, Augsburg and in October/November 2012 in the library of the Augsburg University.


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