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This page provides you with current information about events and confrences on the Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse, e.g. about the biannual conference "Diskursive Konstruktion der Wirklichkeit" or about the Spring School. 

Summer Course: The Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse (SKAD) 2020

The organizers invite novice as well as experienced academics from a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to sociology, ethnology, political science, linguistics, psychology and educational science, to explore the potential of this approach to studying discourses in the context of their own projects and research. Discourse Studies today cover a large field of approaches across the social sciences, ranging from work inspired by Foucault to Critical Discourse Analysis and through to hegemonic stability theory, corpus linguistics, and on to more interpretive approaches.






Spring School „Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse (SKAD)" 2020

The Spring School „Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse (SKAD)” is addressed to researchers from different disciplines (humanities, social sciences), who work or intend to work with the Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse (SKAD) in research projects or in scientific theses. After an introduction to the theoretical principles of SKAD, the Spring School offers the chance to discuss SKAD-based research questions and research designs, to practice its methodical procedure with research data in small teams and to examine question about your own research project or project plans in a joint discussion.







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