Research Areas

  • Science Communication
  • Health Communication
  • Political Communication

Research Projects

DFG-Project: De- and Restabilization of Evidence in the Corona Crisis (2021-2023)

Project within the DFG-group 2448 "Practicing Evidence - Evidencing Practice". Prinicpals Investigators: Prof. Dr. Helena Bilandzic and Prof. Dr. Susanne Kinnebrock.


Scientific presentations:


Schug, M., Bilandzic, H., & Kinnebrock, S. (May 2022). Evidencing practices and the rejection of scientific evidence in alternative news media concerning scientific knowledge about COVID-19. Video Presentation at the Pre-Conference ‘The Science of Science Communication: Mapping the Field’ of the annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA). Paris, France.


Schug, M., Bilandzic, H., & Kinnebrock, S. (May 2022). Reported evidence? Media coverage of Corona research. Poster Presentation at the workshop „Whose Truths? Whose Facts? Cultures of Evidence Beyond and Across Academic Disciplines” of the DFG-group 2448 "Practicing Evidence – Evidencing Practice". German-Italian Centre for the European Dialogue, Villa Vigoni, Italy.


Schug, M. (February 2022). Potenziale und Grenzen politischer Informationsvermittlung durch Influencer_innen aus Sicht ihrer Nutzer_innen [Potentials and limits of political information transfers by political influencers from the perspective of their users]. Virtual Presentation at the annual conference of The German Communication Association (DGPuK) (Fermentation-Workshop by the University of Klagenfurt, Austria: „Abonniere Lifestyle, bekomme Einstellung? Das Phänomen der „Sinnfluencer*innen“ und ihre Rolle für die Sozialisation Jugendlicher und junger Erwachsener“ [„Subscribe to lifestyle, receive attitude? The phenomenon of „Sinnfluencer*innen“ and their role in socialization processes of young persons”]). Hannover, Germany.


Summer Semester 2022:

“Actors, spaces, and processes of mediating scientific knowledge in the context of the corona crisis” (Thematic BA-Seminar Media Reception and Effects)




  • German Communication Association (DGPuK)
  • European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)
  • International Communication Association (ICA)

Academic Career

Since 11/2021   Research Assistant and PhD Candidate at the Department of Media, Knowledge, and Communication, University of Augsburg

2019–2021     Student Assistant and Student Teacher at the Division „Media Reality“ (Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Wimmer) and „Media Effects and Processes“ (Prof. Dr. Helena Bilandzic)

2019–2021     Master of Arts in Media and Communication at the University of Augsburg

2016–2019     Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication at the University of Augsburg