Yijia (Erika) Zhu B.E. M.A.

Researcher and PhD candidate
Digital Health Communication
Phone: n/a
Room: 7020 (BCM)
Visiting hours: upon request
Address: Alter Postweg 101 (Büro Center Messe), 86159 Augsburg


  • Health information seeking
  • Effects of media influences
  • Political journalism


Zhu, Y., & Scherr, S. (2022, May). Is the devil walking among us? How dominant episodic and thematic framing shapes criminal stereotypes depending on social distance. Paper presented at the 72nd Annual ICA Conference, Paris, France.



Yijia (Erika), Zhu is a PhD student and a research assistant working with Prof. Sebastian Scherr on Digital Health Communication in the Department of Media, Knowledge, and Communication at the University of Augsburg, Germany.


Her research interests focus on media psychology, especially what effects media content can cause and why people seek or avoid particular features of media content, typically adopting quantitative methods such as experiments and surveys.


She is an interdisciplinary student with an M.A. in Communication, a B.E. in Telecommunication Engineering, and a B.A. in Advertising. Approaching the world from multiple disciplines allows her to gather more clues and search for the truth like a detective.