Ongoing Research Projects

Doctoral Theses

Julia Henningsen
(Otto Friedrich University Bamberg, Chair for Protestant Theology with Focus on Religious Pedagogy and Didactics of Religious Education, )


Working Title of the Doctoral Thesis:

“The Representation of the Global South in the German Protestant Textbook ‘Kursbuch Religion’ [Course Book Religion] (1976–2017) – an Analysis in the Context of Postcolonial Theories”)


Period of the Doctoral Project: 2016–2019


Christianity has undergone an enormous transformation during the last 100 years and has experienced a global shifting towards the South. In the context of my doctoral thesis, I will examine to what extent and how this shift is depicted in teaching materials for religious education. Therefore, the textbook “Kursbuch Religion” [Course Book Religion] and the accompanying teacher guides (1976–2017) will be analyzed with regard to their representation of the global South. These theories offer themselves as analyzing tool to sensitize for (neo)colonial patterns and Eurocentric structures and to stimulate reflections. Using this textbook for religious education, it shall be investigated in the contexts of which topics and discourses aspects of the global South are represented and imparted. By means of selected postcolonial theories, criteria will be developed which may help to make the global dimension an integral part of religious education.