Born in Lauterbach, Bavaria. Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Vienna, Austria (2011–2015) and subsequent Master’s degree in Basic Psychological Research (Mind & Brain) in Vienna (2015–2019). Master's thesis on the reception of the Open Science Collaboration's “Reproducibility Project: Psychology” in the scientific community. Study assistant and tutor for quantitative methods in the Department of Psychological Research Methods and Research Synthesis at the University of Vienna (2017 –2020). Since August 2020, research assistant and doctoral candidate at the University of Augsburg within the DFG-funded project “CHEAT”, focusing on factors that moderate the impact of performance goals on academic dishonesty and cheating behavior.

Research interests

  • Academic dishonesty among students and researchers
  • Questionable research practices; reform and incentive structures in scientific research
  • Quantitative methods and research synthesis
  • Metascience and scientometrics
  • Open science and replicability

research project

Factors moderatin the impact of performance goals on academic dishonesty and cheating behavior


Kossmeier, M., Vilsmeier, J., Dittrich, R., Fritz, T., Kolmanz, C., Plessen, C. Y., ... & Voracek, M. (2019). Long-term trends (1980–2017) in the N-pact factor of journals in personality psychology and individual differences research. Zeitschrift für Psychologie.


Plessen, C. Y., Gyimesi, M. L., Kern, B. M. J., Fritz, T. M., Catalán Lorca, M., Voracek, M., & Tran, U. S. (2020, January 30). Associations between academic dishonesty and personality: A pre-registered multilevel meta-analysis.