Application for funding of preliminary work for a third-party research grant approved

We are pleased to report about the approval by the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to support preparatory work for a third-party research grant. The planned third-party funded project is supposed to investigate how student self-organized study groups regulate regulatory problems (e.g., coordination problems) that arise during self-organized collaborative learning and how their regulatory ability can be promoted. As a precursor of that application, we are planning to run and publish two empirical studies that investigate (1) which problem-strategy combinations are considered more favorable by scientific experts in this field than others, (2) the extent to which the homogeneity of problem perception within a study group is related to the success of regulation and learning, (3) the extent to which students react differently to different problems, i.e. by applying different regulation strategies, and (4) the extent to which different reactions to different regulation problems lead to different degrees of regulation and learning success. Answers to these questions are a necessary basis for a promising application for a third-party research grant.

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