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University Augsburg

Universitätsstraße 16

86159 Augsburg




Location of the Conference on Discourse Studies 


The conference is located at the Faculty of Law of the University of Augsburg (building H). The registration and the reception take place in the foyer of the Faculty of Law.


Location of the Spring School


The Spring School is located at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science of the University of Augsburg. The registration and the reception take place in the office 3065.




Accommodations in Augsburg

All Hotels are linked to the webpages of the accomodation. Just click on the name of the accomodation.


For a special experience: Grandhotel Cosmopolis


Higher price range

Altstadthotel Augsburg

Kapuzinergasse 6

86150 Augsburg

Telefon: 0049-(0) 821/ 59747370


Domhotel Augsburg

Frauentorstraße 8

86152 Augsburg

Tel. 0049-(0)821/343930



Imhofstraße 12

86159 Augsburg

Telefon: 0049-(0)821/59740


Hotel Ost am Kö

Fuggerstraße 4-6

86150 Augsburg

Telefon: 0049-(0)821/502040

Medium price range

B&B Hotel Augsburg

Haunstetter Straße 68

86161 Augsburg

Telefon: 0049-(0)821/498120


Hostel Übernacht

Karlstraße 4

86150 Augsburg

Tel. 0049-(0)821/4554-2828


Hotel Fischertor

Pfärrle 16/18

86152 Augsburg

Tel. 0049-(0)821/345830 



Jakober Strasse 41

86152 Augsburg

Telefon: 0049-(0)821/510030


Sleps - Gästehaus und Jugenherberge

Unterer Graben 6

86152 Augsburg

Telefon: 0049-(0)821/7808890


Furthermore there are two Ibis Hotels in the city centre.