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The Journal for Discourse Studies (ZfD) - is the first peer-reviewed academic journal to react to the ever rising importance of discourse research in social sciences in the German speaking countries. As an interdisciplinary forum for discourse studies, the journal includes theoretical, methodological as well as empirical articles from social sciences and neighboring disciplines. The journal has three regular issues and one special issue per year. Editors are Reiner Keller, Werner Schneider and Willy Viehöver. Manuscripts are welcome in German and English and can be submitted to


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Universität Augsburg

Lehrstuhl für Soziologie (Prof. Keller)

Sasa Bosancic

Universitätsstraße 10

86159 Augsburg



Scientific Board of the Journal for Discourse Studies

  • Johannes Angermüller

  • Andrea D. Bührmann

  • Rainer Diaz-Bone

  • Adele Clarke

  • Franz X. Eder

  • Ekkehard Felder

  • Fabian Kessl

  • Peter A. Kraus

  • Achim Landwehr

  • Thomas Lemke

  • Frank Nullmeier

  • Rolf Parr

  • Inga Truschkat