In view of the increasing shortage of skilled workers and the simultaneous rise in the number of people in need of support and care in Germany, digital technologies are increasingly becoming the focus of nursing science. The advancing digitalization in nursing also enables new forms of research through the electronic availability of data from nursing.




CARE REGIO is a joint project funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care with the overall goal of conceptualizing and establishing a lead region for digital care in Bavarian Swabia. Together with the universities of Augsburg, Neu-Ulm and Kempten as well as with the University Hospital of Augsburg, the University of Augsburg analyzes existing care structures in nursing, identifies new possibilities for facilitation and support based on technically digital systems and processes, and discusses and tests these with all stakeholders in nursing, including the private sector, service providers and payers. The project stands for new, patient-centered care and research along a care chain that begins before a possible hospital stay and extends well into the post-inpatient phase, thereby noticeably relieving caregivers and family caregivers and supporting those in need of care in their independence.


Together with the Chair of IT Infrastructures for Translational Medical Research of Prof. Dr. Frank Kramer, the Chair of Health Care Operations/Health Information Management is designing, developing and evaluating a cross-institutional research database (Nursing Data Lake) for the collection of harmonized nursing data sets. The data collected in it will be systematically analyzed to identify potential for improvement in the nursing field using methods from operations research.


For questions and further information please contact Milena Grieger, the project manager of the chair.