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Economic instruments in environmental policy


Prof. Dr. P. Michaelis


Environmental policy and innovations


Prof. Dr. P. Michaelis /
Dr. T. Ziesemer


Promoting renewable energies


Prof. Dr. P. Michaelis /
C. Mayr


Optimal climate policies


Prof. Dr. P. Michaelis /
J. Wenig


Vertical Product Differentiation with incomplete competition


Prof. Dr. P. Michaelis /
Dr. T. Ziesemer


Augsburg Writings in Environmental Economics

The „Augsburg Writings in Environmental Economics“ offer a forum for academic works that address current topics in environmental economics and environmental policy. Primarily the series focuses on an academic audience but it also imparts useful information and insights to decision makers in politics and businesses. Methodologically based in economics, both its theoretical and empirical approaches are utilized. Since 2010 the „Augsburg Writings in Environmental Economics“ are published by  MaroVerlag in Augsburg.


  • Vol. 1 (2010)Thomas Ziesemer,
    A Knowledge-based View of the Porter Hypothesis – The Impact of Intertemporal Knowledge Accumulation on the Trade-off between Environmental Regulation and Competitiveness
    Awarded the "Science Award of the Swabian Economy 2010" (donated by the UPM-Kymmene Corporation Augsburg)
  • Vol. 2 (2010)Clemens Heuson,
    Optimale umweltpolitische Instrumentenwahl bei Informationsproblemen und Marktmacht
  • Vol. 3 (2012)Raoul Schneider,
    Self-Enforcing Agreements in International Fisheries Management
  • Vol. 4 (2013)Florian Schlatterer,
    Banking und Borrowing im Europäischen Emissionshandel
  • Vol. 5 (2014)Martin Schwarz,
    Die Selbstverwaltung der Wasserversorgung
  • vol. 6 (2018)Martin Schwarz,
    Stratosphärische Aerosole zur Reduzierung des globalen Temperaturanstiegs
  • vol. 7 (2019):Heiko Wirths,
    Special Aspects in the Economics of Climate Change


If you want to publish your work in this series please send a manuscript or at least a detailed outline and a summary to the  editor.