Application period:


March 1 to May 1 of each year


If you meet the conditions named under the  admission requirements, you can apply for the DFM Master’s program in the period from March 1 to May 1. Your application documents must be sent by email to the DFM Program Coordinator, Mrs. Nadine Zbiegly.


4 steps to successful application


1. Submission of the application documents

Send your application documents by email to the DFM Program Coordinator, Mrs. Nadine Zbiegly ( in the period from March 1 to May 1. The application documents must be merged to create one PDF document. The documents contained in the PDF document must be arranged in the order listed below.


2. Confirmation email

After you have successfully sent your application documents, you will receive a confirmation email within three working days.


3. Interview

If you meet the formal criteria, your application documents will be checked in the written preselection procedure. If you are classified as a potentially suitable applicant in the preselection procedure, you are sent an invitation to attend a selection interview, which will probably be held at the end of May / beginning of June.
(Information on the application interview process can be found under FAQ.)


4. Letter of acceptance / rejection

Towards the end of June, you will receive your preliminary letter of acceptance or final rejection letter.


We require the following documents from you

  1. Checklist as cover sheet of the application documents with details of the required Parcours in Rennes and cluster in Augsburg
  2. ”A-level”certificate (qualification required to enter university)
  3. Bachelor’s degree certificate (in Business Administration/Economics) with at least 60 CP for Business Administration/Economics (if not yet acquired - transcript of records with current AVERAGE GRADE and the ECTS points already achieved)
  4. CV in German (max. 1 page!)
  5. CV in French (max. 1 page!)
  6. Motivation letter in German (max. 1 page!)
  7. Motivation letter in French (max. 1 page!)
  8. Proof of technical French and/or German language skills level B2 in accordance with CEF or higher (e.g., Del, Dal, certificate issued by the language center of your current university)

    Attention: School certificates (including the Abi-Bac) cannot be used as proof of language skills! The proof of language skills must also explicitly establish the language level in accordance with CEF.

  9. If applicable, proof of specialized English language skills
  10. If applicable, proof of study abroad
  11. If applicable, certificate of apprenticeship
  12. If applicable, internship certificates (if you are currently employed, please include interim certificate or employment contract)
  13. If applicable, further proofs (no school student work experience)

In your motivation letter (Point 6. and 7.), please clearly describe why you have opted for the respective cluster in Augsburg and the respective Parcours in Rennes (Priority 1 and 2).

Please also note that the proof of your French and/or German technical language skills must explicitly show the language level according to the Common European Framework (CEF) (at least level B2). School certificates, including the “Abi-Bac”, do NOT count as proof of language skills. If you do not already have a suitable proof of language skills, it is possible that the language center of your current university will issue the DAAD form to verify such skills.


Selection decision


The selection is made following the interview, taking into account the credits achieved to date, language skills and subject knowledge, and the impression gained from the in-person interview. Notification of possible admission is sent in writing by approx. the end of June. If necessary, acceptance for admission is given subject to the outstanding credits actually being obtained by the time the program begins in the autumn.




All information on credits and qualifications included in the resume must be documented and verified! This includes, among other things, all university or higher education credits, relevant stays abroad (current and past), internships, training, professional/vocational qualifications, and language skills (French, German, and English). Credits / additional qualifications that are not proven will not be taken into consideration in the written selection procedure.