Social and political developments are often transnational - they extend beyond the borders of individual countries. Research into transnational phenomena requires new, interdisciplinary approaches, for which the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum at the University of Augsburg provides the necessary framework. In its research, the JFZ addresses central questions about the history, the present and the future of a globally networked society on a broad interdisciplinary level.



V&R Unipress


The series "Internationale Schriften des Jakob-Fugger-Zentrums" in the Göttingen publishing house V&R Unipress is intended to publish the key results of the JFZ's research in the form of monographs as well as volumes of conferences and anthologies.


Volume 1: Johanna Hartmann/Hubert Zapf (eds.): Censorship & Exile. Göttingen 2015.
Volume 2: Harald Lesch/Bernd Oberdorfer/Stephanie Waldow (Eds.): Der Himmel als transkultureller ethischer Raum. Göttingen 2016.
About the Series