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In order to keep up with technological progress and remain competitive, access to the latest technology-based research is crucial for companies. This can be achieved, for example, through joint projects with research partners, in which the knowledge content reaches companies "just in time" via established structures. How people can move proficiently in an increasingly digitalised world, participate in it and actively shape it, is a decisive question for the design of educational concepts. Innovative topics, which include artificial intelligence processes, require well thought-out approaches in order to quickly find their way into companies. The University of Augsburg is tackling this task with its educational programme "AI in Production".
In order for AI applications to be used across the board in production, continuous educational formats that enable lifelong learning are necessary. Employees "outside the field" must be made aware of the potential of AI in production and trained in its profitable use.
AI solutions in the model. Our training environment with its learning factory offers the possibility to recreate authentic production situations.

In Order to Achieve a Broad Impact, we Offer:

  • A joint needs-analysis with the companies
  • Concepts for the introdution of AI into production
  • Further training measures for companies
  • A network of regional AI training providers
  • A training environment for the low-threshold introduction of AI
  • The transfers of knowledge from the AI Production Network Augsburg to companies


Have we piqued your interest?

We are currently looking for pilot SMEs to jointly develop and implement a concept for the introduction of AI processes in production. Please feel free to contact us!

Hände von mehreren Personen, die aufeinander liegen

Are you still considering whether AI could currently be an issue for your production processes?

We would be happy to come to you, assess your needs and consider together which approach might be interesting for you!

Gruppe von vier Personen arbeiten zusammen

You offer AI training and are interested in networking with us?

Please do not hesitate to contact us!



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