"Young Entrepreneurs in Science" workshops for PhD candidates and postdocs offered by the Falling Walls Foundation (June through September 2024)

As part of its workshop programme Young Entrepreneurs in Science, the Falling Walls Foundation, with its partner institutions, offers workshops to empower doctoral candidates and postdocs to explore their entrepreneurial potential and drive cultural change towards innovation and entrepreneurship in academia. Young Entrepreneurs in Science promotes the creation and development of regional networks for entrepreneurship and innovation with the help of strong partnerships in academia and in business. The workshops are tailored to PhDs and postdocs of all disciplines, as well as early-career researchers and academic staff. Participation in the workshops is free of charge. Please note that each workshop is limited to approx. 25 spots allocated on the first come, first served principle. 

The workshop program (June throug September 2024) and more information is available here: 
More information about Young Entrepreneurs in Science is available here: