The Graduate School for Humanities and Social Sciences Augsburg (GGS) was founded in 2010 to promote young researchers in humanities and social sciences. Three faculties are involved:



► Faculty of Philology and History


► Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


► Faculty of Catholic Theology




The GGS offers its participants a comprehensive range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary events as well as organizational and financial support. Through its doctoral programs, it represents an additional offer to the existing doctoral procedure, which is aimed at the national and international qualification of outstanding doctoral students


All persons eligible to act as doctoral thesis supervisor of the participating faculties can lead a doctoral program and choose a chairman/chairwoman and two representatives. Their incumbency represents a term of two years. All three faculties must be represented in the speaker group. A research associate

supports the speaker group in the implementation of their tasks (coordination).


Chairwoman of the GGS

Prof. Dr. Bettina Bannasch

Foto Bannasch


Prof. Dr. Alexandra Manzei

Bild Manzei


Prof. Dr. Wolfang Vogl

Bild Vogl


Christina Stangl M.A.

Bild Christina

Coordination Assistant

Simone Steuer M.A.

Bild Simone