Faculty of Applied Computer Science

The Faculty of Applied Computer Science hosts the institutes of Computer Science and Geography, and offers first-class under-graduate, graduate and Ph. D. programs in the corresponding disciplines. Our programs are both application oriented and research driven, and present special opportunities for elite education.

The faculty has a strong dedication to fundamental and applied research in both Computer Science and Geography. The research activities are focused in the following research units:

  • Institute of Computer Science: research groups in Software, Distributed Systems, Multimedia, Communication Technology, Information Systems and Theoretical Computer Science
  • Institute of Geography: research groups in Climatology, Geoinformatics, Human and Physical Geography, and Didactics
  • Augsburg Centre of Innovative Technologies (ACIT): research themes Organic Computing, Software for Mechatronics, and Multicore Technology. The ACIT is a joint research centre with the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty.