COST Aktion “VALUE - Validating and Integrating Downscaling Methods for Climate Change Research”

Since climate change impacts are mainly experienced on regional scales, high-resolution climate change scenarios need to be derived from GCM simulations by downscaling. The COST Action VALUE (2012-2015) provides a European network to validate and develop downscaling methods and improves the collaboration between the dispersed research communities and with stakeholders.

VALUE will deliver an assessment of end-user needs, a benchmark data set and pseudo reality for the validation, a set of validation measures, the validation of state-of-the-art methods and guidelines for stakeholders. It will guide the development of improved regional climate change scenarios for Europe and thereby be relevant for European societies and politics.

VALUE consists of 5 working groups. The team of the chair for Physical Geography and Quantitative Methods, University of Augsburg is involved in working groups 3 and 4. Working group 3 addresses spatial and temporal variability and inter-variable relationships. Within working group 4 extremes are considered.

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