BP2WS/MDA-based CBPs/Wf-Codegen

From Business Processes to Web Services / MDA-based realisation of cross-organisational business processes / Workflow - Codegeneration framework


BP2WS combines with Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Web Services two promising approaches, which are expected to lower the risk of investment in software projects for business applications. An integrated, MDA-based methodology is developed, comprising all steps from requirements engineering and business-process modelling to a service-oriented implementation. The methodology is enhanced with modelling conventions und transformation rules, which are specific to MDA's levels of abstraction. Beside implementation of the results, usage is shown by examples and case studies.

MDA-based CBPs:

To facilitate enterprises to keep up with the constant change in business relationships, it is crucial to develop adaptive business systems and value chains. In order to achieve this, methodologies, methods, and infrastructures to support end-to-end modeling of cross-organizational business processes are required, allowing changes to business processes being defined at the business level and providing well-defined (and possibly largely automated) model transformations and refinements down to the level of information and communication technology systems. This project specifies model transformations for a model-based architecture enabling the derivation of service-orienten IT models from cross-organisational business process descriptions. The focus is on a differnatiated consideration of the diverse representations of business processes in modeling languages like ARIS (architecture of integrated inforamtion systems) or BPDM (business process definition metamodel). A prototype for an automated transformation form ARIS to BPDM is implemented.


The Workflow-Codegeneration Framework supports human modeler in the transformation between graph-based modeling languages (as e.g. JWT or BPMN) in block-based execution languages (e.g. as parts of BPEL).
Wf-Codegen includes adapters for different modeling tool suites such as AgilPro or IBM Rational Software Modeler (RSM), but it can easily be adapted to other modeling tools, too.
Wf-Codegen is a SourceForge - project and has been published at DSM 2007.