• Edition of lecture notes Professor Dr. Christoph Becker ()
    Heinrich Gottfried Wilhelm Daniels (1754-1827) ranked among the most important late 18th and early 19th century jurists and scholars of law. Besides working as an advocate and as a member of several superior courts of law in “Kurköln”, the historical electoral province of Cologne, he gave lectures in Bonn and Cologne on the fundamentals and essential references of the law applicable at that time. These lectures, which he had delivered before entering the French and Prussian services, are documented by lecture notes which are scientific-critically edited and commented at the Law Chair. Friedrich Carl von Savigny (1779 - 1861), a Berlin-based professor, Prussian State Councillor, judge and royal minister and founder of the “Historic School of Law” is regarded as the jurist who had the most lasting influence on the further 19th century German history of law. The notes on his lectures on Roman law of obligations are edited and commented.

  • Fundamentals of insolvency law Professor Dr. Christoph Becker ()
    The Chair is continuously investigating the national as well as transnational aspects of insolvency cases. Research activities include all elements of insolvency procedural law. At the same time, special emphasis is placed on the general procedural insolvency rules, the collection of insolvency claims and the separate investigation of credit securities.