• Reading material Professor Dr. Christoph Becker ()
    From the case studies used in daily teaching practice a case collection is being compiled which, supplemented by detailed solutions and further references, can be used by students for independent study. It will be of particular importance that the case collection contains interdisciplinary cases relating to a large number of subjects, so that a schematic fixation on systematic sections and subject limits, which would be lacking practical relevance, is avoided from the very beginning.

  • History of Municipal Law Professor Dr. Christoph Becker ()
    Cathedra progressionem historicam de regulis iuris civilis et iuris iudicii civilis una cum iure urbis Augustae Vindelicorum et iure commune europeae persequitur. Ea de re quaestiones regionalis supraregionalisque oeconomiae, quaestiones ordinis rei familiaris et mercatoriae, quaestiones effectus iurium in causis iudicialibus eximii ponderis sunt. Obiecta inspectionis sunt fontes Coloniae historicae regionis oeconomiae et fontes Augustae Vindelicorum centri oeconomiae historici. Testimonia iurium urbium provinciarumve ex tabulariis bibliothecisque cum iure commune europeae ratione conferuntur.