Augsburg Center for Global Economic Law and Regulation (ACELR), Graduate College “Standardisation by market and law”

Being the speaker of the Augsburg Center for Global Economic Law and Regulation (ACELR), which was founded in 2004, Prof Möllers has directly been involved in intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research of the institute which mainly deals with the questions resulting from the internationalisation of the economy. In the course of our research activities three conventions were held. At the first convention, our colleagues of both faculties gave an overview of the inter-disciplinary research results of standardisation in the following fields: capital market, corporate governance, health, product development, environment and history. On the occasion of the second convention the circle of participants was extended by renowned colleagues both from home and abroad. The research results are published in the ACELR series, titled “Standardisation by market and law” (Vol 18-2008) and “Diversity and unity – economic frame conditions of the formation of standards” (Vol 19-2008), and in the last publication of the convention “Validity and facticity of standards”). Furthermore, Prof Möllers was in charge of an application draft to the German Research Foundation for establishing the inter-disciplinary Graduate College “Standardisation by market and law”. The application of 8 August 2008 was granted. The full application was submitted by 1 October 2009.